Our excellent staff are tasked with managing their departments by developing ideas, planning and leading ministry activities, managing their departments' budgets, and overseeing volunteers and interns.

Ozni Torres


I am the Youth Leader at my home church and have a passion to help other youths find the Joy of Christ as I have. I also love worship and how it creates a great way for me to grow my relationship with God and how it can also help others come to Him.

Technology is exciting for me and the many ways it can be used to reach our country for God’s kingdom.

Danielly Peña

Youth Development

I journal a lot and think too much, forever learning how to pray more and love others better.

I hope my life encourages the people around me, whatever their story is and whatever journey they are on.

Janellie Blanco

Staff manager and Head Youth Development

I am a teacher at heart who loves mentoring young people as they grow in their faith and deepen their love and understanding for Jesus.

I lead worship on Sundays and during the summer for camps and find pleasure and joy in planting and collecting many flowers that beautify my home and our camp grounds.

Gina Vellos

Secretary / Bookkeeper

I am a mother of three. I enjoy serving as a secretary and sharing my faith with the young people that live and visit at our base.

Alexander and Leah Perez

Ministry Directors

One week after getting married in Leah’s home in Canada in 2008, they were back in Alexander’s home country of Belize preparing to do ministry.

They have two children Anya and Chase and they work to discover the many blessings and adventures that come along with serving as a family in ministry.

Nadeesha Robinson

Children's Ministry

I would classify myself as a good mixer. I love working with the kids from the clubs just running around with them, playing and connecting with them just as much as I love meeting the youths and watching them grow spiritually just as much as myself. I love praise and worship, I see it as a way that I get to connect with God and be surrounded by His presence.