Seeds of Hope

Amidst the ever-present grim news that is constant throughout Belize such as the ongoing pandemic, gang violence, poverty, and today in the country, one is left to wonder is there any sliver of hope left to report, left to hold on to. Well this Saturday, we had plenty of the sort to announce. 

With our harvest for kids project into the closing phase and blessed with a bountiful harvest, we are left with a glimmer of hope to flash onto Belize. After months of preparation and generous assistance of the farming community in Spanish lookout, we were able to see firsthand the fruits of the commitment of these farmers in sowing seeds of hope across the country. 

In the days leading up to the harvest, we all nervously watched and prayed over the weather forecast, and despite the rain, the day before God provided a clear sky for the day, a dry field, and all the pieces came together.


With a  total of 14 combine harvesters ready to reap in a harvest of corn of about 40 acres, the stage was set for this momentous occasion. We had some of our past campers (children who got to be part of our summer ministry)  joined us from the city and nearby communities to be reminded once more that an entire community is ready to join arms to make sure they can continue hearing the Good news of Jesus. They joined the farmers in their combines for a ride, an experience that will be with them for a while. 

With the community and friends of BCE spectating, the harvesters made quick work of the field. In less than an hour, the corn was in trucks ready to be hauled off to the mills. There is so much to be said about what transpired. But the essence is this: there is a community -and not limited to farmers- that want to be part of BCE’s grand vision. It might not translate into them dropping everything they have and come to do ministry in the city like BCE missionaries, but that would say “here have an acre of my field”, or “here is my combine for the day”.


We are honored by this partnership and grateful to them for their sacrifices, and also inspired that there are more people out there interested in continuing to come alongside us and together work to see Belize change Belize.

So, if you are wary of the malevolence hanging overheads, come hear of the good things happening in this country. Or even better, think of what little thing you can pitch in to be part of this great movement of nation changers.