Funds raised internationally

BCE Board
  • Set salary for BCE staff.
  • Set special project budget.
ICCM in Canada
  • Recieves Canadian or American dollars on behalf of BCE and sends it to Belize.
BCE Board
  • Receives finances and distributes accordingly.
ICCM in Canada
  • Receives accounting and financial report concerning finances sent internationally.

Funds raised in Belize

  • These projects are led by comittees overseen by staff or board members.
H4K and other fundraising efforts
  • Considers funds raised/available and last years expenses to set yearly budget.
BCE Board
  • Finances are made available to the appropriate people to be used in the designated areas. Receipts are collected.
  • Checks used for larger purchases are signed by two members of the BCE Board.
BCE Staff
  • All expenses are accounted for with receipts and reported to BCE bookkeeper, who reports to the BCE board of Director.
  • Reimbursements are given where necessary.
BCE Book Keeper & Board

International partners and giving opportunities

Because these organization partner with many groups around Belize or the world, please specify in the comments box that donations are designated to "Belize Camping Experience."

Giving from the USA
Giving from Canada

Other ways you can support BCE

Percentage of purchase of these local products are donated to BCE: Caribbean Chicken: chicken pieces and Circle R Kids Rice

Caribbean Chicken: chicken pieces
Circle R Kids Rice

To stay up to date with various other needs and opportunities to support BCE follow their "Resource Campaigning page" on Facebook

Check out our Amazon wish list for ministry items that can be shipped directly to our ministry partner in Florida who delivers missionary supplies to Belize for FREE! (Big shout out to Harvest Aviation for their services to many Christian ministries in Belize!)