Revival for Belize!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to do some follow-ups in San Ignacio Town, my hometown. Leading up to the weekend was a hectic week. Gears have started to grind here at BCE.  We are all expectant about how God will move as we begin a high point in ministry, our Apple for Kids fundraiser. Everywhere I went I heard people offering apples. In the office, in our dorm, on our way to do ministry. We are all enduring this season and this was definitely a sign of times.  But in the midst of all the preparations and work already started for that project, a key source of income for the ministry, there is still a need to connect back with the children and youth of San Ignacio. 

During the summer we had the unique opportunity to connect with my church for camps. As I have shared before, this was in many ways the coming together of my two worlds BCE and the ministry I did back at home. So when the idea of follow-ups sprang up in our children’s ministry department, I quickly jumped on it

For some context, churches had been closed for quite a while – from sometime in August to be specific. And until late last month amendments were made to the restrictions and churches were allowed to be open back with some conditions. So actually being physically in church, seeing my church family, and worshipping in together was long overdue.

So off we were. We headed west to see what God had in store for us that weekend. And boy did He surprise us. Our first outreach opportunity was children’s ministry at my church. We were beyond pumped to see the friends we made during summer, well for me- friends that I most likely knew since they were babies. The team was delighted to make even more new friends as we played and danced, but more importantly, taught that we are all sinners and God still loves us and died for us.

Next, we visited my dear friend Ms.Gloria in her home in Esperanza. Ms. Gloria shared her testimony and encouraged some of us while the others played football with her son Pablo.

For our next stop, we met with my brother who is a youth leader at his church. We met with him and the team that works with youths and challenged him and his church to become part of the Christmas gift distribution we are preparing for the children here in the city. They were excited as they began brainstorming how they can be part of the work being done here. After that, we joined them for the youth group and the interns were excited as they worshipped together, played games, and fellowshipped with the youths from “Life Ministries.” 

What came next, personally, was the highlight of the trip. Sunday morning we had the opportunity to attend Pastor Kevin Tzib’s church Dunamis. He has been partnering with us here at BCE in many ways. He shared the need for revival to start in our respective communities and this message hit hard for all of us that were present in that church building. And collectively we were challenged to make a difference.

There is a lot happening for us here at BCE, and a lot more that still needs to happen as we keep pressing on. But without ignition from the Holy Spirit, much traction won’t be made. Revival needs to start but it must start with us, as Pastor Tzib taught us. And this weekend gave us a lot of fire and revival that we will be taking into the coming weeks and months as there are many challenges looming overhead. Yet we must keep the perspective that everything we do must be because we are renewed in the Lord and ready to obey his calling as we do ministry here in the city. 

We walked away from this weekend encouraged that the church is alive out there despite the challenges of recent times. Churches we know, that are standing with us as they too join in the vision to see Belize change Belize, and are excited to become part of the work here in the city. Revival must happen in all of us if we are to join hands to see a change in this country.