The Greatest Gift

Belize Camping experience has always been honored to be a connecting point for different ministries, missionaries, and churches in Belize.

If we are to put into action our vision-which is to see Belize change Belize with the love of Jesus Christ- there will inevitably be many hands that are involved, as it is made into reality.  However, the world today is a divided place. There are many things that drive us apart and so little that brings us together. 

Our parents remind us of a time when it wasn’t so. A time where one could easily count on the kindness of their neighbors or those around them to help fill in the gaps when someone was in need. Maybe we can’t recreate such a time completely, but a call for unity still needs to be made regardless. 

For the past three years, Belize Camping Experience has invited our own Belizean people to be part of the ministry we do in the city. One unique way of doing this is through our Christmas gift distribution in the city. We ask that they pack a gift box for the children and to include toys, treats, and school supplies to bless a child in the city.

According to our children’s ministry director Danielly, this was inspired by the desire for our children to be reminded of the love of Jesus Christ every year-not only during the Christmas season. And also to know that our own people care enough to share these gifts with them. 

For the churches, ministries, and other individuals it gives them an opportunity to do missions right here in their own country, as they join us to distribute the gifts and encourage the children with the love of Jesus Christ. Networking is happening across the country; a church in San Ignacio blessing another church in the city. Friends from other parts of the country are excited to share and gift these boxes to the children. 

Over 100 gifts have been given by our own Belizean people. 

Lifes will be blessed. 

Joy will be brought. 

As we pack, prepare these boxes, and sort through them we can see that they have seized the vision. People have given the very best. Many have taken the time to make handwritten notes encouraging the children. Each box hints of someone who took the time and prepared each box with love. As a team, we are overwhelmed by this gracious act done for the children.

Anticipation is growing every day when we go out to visit children for our weekly ministries throughout the city and nearby communities. The excitement seethes through, and they can’t wait to see what they get this year for Christmas. Life has been hard for most of the children of these clubs and churches, and we are privileged to create space and time where they can catch a glimpse of hope and happiness as we remind them of the everlasting hope found in Christ.