Apples for Kids 2021: Another Year of Favor

The Apples for kids project is finally coming to a halt. After almost two months of preparation, our team can finally look back and see that God’s favor has been upon us this whole while. After all, was said and done, we can’t express sufficient gratitude to those who supported us in every way to make this year a success. 

The container of apples arrived on December 13th. The week before, the team was busy making last-minute preparations and strategizing alongside Caribbean Chicken. Some logistics were made on how to effectively and efficiently carry out this fundraiser. 

On the 13th the team headed to Belmopan to anxiously await the arrival of the container bringing the apples. There was a bit of trouble at the border, but after praying that all would be resolved before the end of the day, God once again surprised us. The container was able to make its way to Belmopan, where the workers at Caribbean Chicken and some volunteers from the EMMC church in Spanish lookout quickly unloaded the container.

On that same night and through the next morning the trucks made the delivery to all the districts. The BCE team set up their booths in the Belize city and Belmopan Branch to begin distributing the boxes of apples to the people who had pre-ordered and some sales on-site too. 

There were still some boxes to be sold during the week and the team scrambled on all corners to sell these boxes. Hitting the streets, businesses, and markets our team left no place unturned. When we thought we couldn’t sell anymore God surprised us with another sale. The last of the boxes were sold on the 21st, and after a week of nonstop work, our team took a little to rest and let out a sigh of relief. 

Everywhere we went we made sure to share with the people about how they are supporting the vision and mission of the Belize Camping Experience through the purchase of the apples. Yelling on the busy streets and market under the scorching Belizean heat was by far no easy task. But our team is certain they would do it all again to make sure another child or youth has the opportunity to hear and be reminded of the good news of Christ’s love for them. 

We couldn’t do without the help of the entire country having our back and believing that hope can be brought to Belize one box at a time. So from Belize Camping Experience to all our supporters an immense thank you, and Merry Christmas!